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IAU Library Basics: Study Space

Study spaces

The IAU libraries offer the following reading and learning spaces:

  • Reading halls:

The reading halls are the open study and learning spaces, available in the central and branch libraries. These are silent study areas. Any discussion and noise are not allowed in these areas. The users are requested to use the headphones while using their mobile devices. No prior booking is required to use this space.

  •  Group study rooms: 

The group study rooms/spaces are available in three of the central libraries i.e. Building A3 (East campus), Building 20 (West Campus), and Girls Central library Rayan campus. Prior reservation is required to use the group study spaces. IAU faculty, students, and staff can reserve the study rooms using the Picktime Room reservation facility. The study rooms are not meant for individual study purposes and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please abide by the terms of use for group study spaces.

  • Classrooms and instructional computer labs:

The classrooms and instructional computer labs are available for faculty staff to conduct and organize the workshops, lectures, training, etc. An advance booking via picktime reservation is required to use these spaces. Please specify any additional requirements in the booking notes.

  • General computer labs:

General computer labs are available to all the beneficiaries of the libraries. No prior booking is required to use this space.

Print Material Arrangement


  • The book collection is arranged according to the Library of Congress classification scheme
  • The online catalog is managed through Symphony Library System and can be searched from Catalog Search
  • The books are arranged alphabetically on the shelves starting from A-Z from the top left of the shelf towards the bottom right.

Print Books Sections :

        Central Library, Building A3

  • The Health and Allied sciences books are shelved on the second floor, hall number 332.
  • The books related to Science, Humanities, and Social Sciences are available on the first floor.


  • The print magazines' current and back issues can be accessed in the magazine section on the ground floor, hall number 128.

Government publications:

  • The Govt publications are arranged according to major departments on the ground floor, hall number 128.