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IAU Library Basics: Scan, Copy & Print

Copy, Print & Scan service

Easy to use Self Service Scanning facility.

The number of pages or portion scanned is subject to kingdoms' copyright policy and fair use.

Photocopy and Printing Service is currently not available, we are rigorously working to restore this service as soon as possible.

Copyright Policy


Copy, Print & Scan services are subject to Kingdom copyright law, international copyright law and subject to fair use for academic & research purposes.

  1. Items which are out of copyright can be reproduced (scan, print & copy) by user without any restriction.
  2. All these services are designed as convenient self-services.
  3. Scanners & print machines (two in one photocopy printer) are available in reading areas for use. In case of any help /assistance regarding these services, please contact library staff near to you or contact staff present at ground floor reception.
  4. If the printer is out of paper, please contact library staff in Room # 202 at first floor.
  5. Photocopy /Print facility is totally free for university faculty, and students.

Common Copyright Policy

Common Rights for Faculty and Instructors:

  1. Can read, copy sentences, paragraphs and images with proper citation of the source.
  2. Can display for instructional purposes with proper citation of the source.
  3. Can share text and images with proper citation of the source.
  4. Can use in presentations with proper citation of the source.
  5. Can use in course notes with proper citation of the source.\
  6. Can often share instructor support material provided by publishers with textbooks following the accompanying guidelines.

Common Rights for Students:

  1. Can read, copy sentences, paragraphs and images with proper citation of the source.
  2. Can use hyperlinks to original online material.
  3. Scan from print or print of electronic resource for study and preparation of assignments.
  4. Can use as supplementary reading material.
  5. Can use in their presentations with citation of the original source.

Common Prohibited Use:

  • Use for publishing is strictly prohibited.
  • Use by the non-registered students or persons having no association with the subscribing purchasing agency.
  • Systematic download of the complete full-text document or download of a complete issue or number of a Journal. Downloading by Download Managers is commonly prohibited.

How to Scan, Print or Photocopy

How to SCAN:

All Scanner are touch screen and are as self-service usage. To scan required material, you need a USB.

  1. Put your required material on scanner facing upward.
  2. Insert USB then next Select Language i.e., Arabic or English then next
  3. select direct output (operational mode) then next
  4. select file format i.e., tiff, jpg, PDF etc. & Multiple pages i.e., yes or no & file name type through onscreen keyboard
  5. touch scan button on screen.
  6. After scanning the page will be stored directly on your USB in folder name Zeta.
  7. When you finish your scanning, please logout and remove your USB.