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IAU Library Basics: Ask Us

Ask a Librarian


Our professional staff is available from 8:15 am to 4:00 pm except on the weekend (Friday and Saturday) and from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm during Ramadan.
Experts will be away during prayer times.

How to Start Chatting with Reference Librarians
On several important pages, chatbot will automatically start and give you FAQs to choose from, if not the do the following

Click the Golden Chat Tab that appears at the Right Edge of the Page

Note: if it does not appear please refresh and give it a few seconds to load

Note: please ask about library services only.

Irrelevant Questions will not be answered.


Other than service timings or if the operators are offline, use one of the following methods.

Contact our Experts

WhatsApp: +966 13 333 2809
Office Phone 8:00 am - 4:00 pm 01333 32809


WhatsApp: +966 55 817 2752
Office Phone 8:00 am - 4:00 pm: 01333 32816

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Frequently Asked Questions
  I'm not an IAU member. Can I access library collections?
  Does the Library have multiple copies of textbooks?
  How can I get e-resources?
  How to get an article?
  How do I access library resources from off-campus?
  How to search a book in the library?
  How to access WiFi inside the library?
  How to book a group study room?



I'm not an IAU library member. Can I access library collections? Back to Top
Most areas in the IAU libraries are open to the public. Visitors may use most of the collections on-site. However, some areas are restricted in accordance with the Library's priority service commitment to IAU students, faculty, and staff. Based on a visitor's information need and the Library's ability, arrangements may be made for use of restricted-access collections.
Does the Library have multiple copies of textbooks? Back to Top
Yes. The library acquires three copies of curriculum-recommended textbooks. The two copies are kept in the relevant college library and one copy is kept in the Central Library.
How can I get access to e-resources? Back to Top
Library maintains an e-resource portal providing all the links to the subscribed content like e-journals, databases, e-books, protocols, evidence-based secondary resources, theses and dissertations, citations and indexing sites, and mobile apps for e-resources.
The e-resources portal can be accessed through the following link


How to get an article? Back to Top
Article search is made easy for you.

If you want to search for an article click on the home link and choose the summon Tab and search your keywords.

If you want to find out a specific journal click the home link and choose the A-Z list Tab and search for the journal name.

How do I access library resources from off-campus? Back to Top
Anyone may access the library catalogs and most of the Library's web pages from any Internet-connected computer.

Some subscribed electronic resources, such as e-journals, articles, databases, e-books, etc. can not be accessed without authentication. IAU students, faculty, and staff members can access these resources from off-campus using the Library proxy service at the following URL

IAU students can login to the e-resources portal off-campus using their student ID as a user ID and National ID as a password. While the faculty and staff members can access it through their IAU e-mail accounts.

How to search a book in the library? Back to Top
IAU Libraries have all their books searchable through Online Catalog. It searches material from all the university libraries and also describes how many copies are available in which branch library or central library.

Searching in the online catalog is very simple. Visit the following URL to search the online catalog.

When you find a book in the catalog, note down its Call number that is alphanumeric like RC927 .R48215 2011

All the books are arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification number as shown in the example above. The books are arranged according to these numbers alphabetically starting from left to right on each shelf.

How to access WiFi? Back to Top
Arabic Instructions | English Instructions
How to book a group study room? Back to Top

You Can Book Group Study Room by visiting the following link.

  1. Select the desired library.
  2. Select from the available group study rooms specified for males or females and as per their capacity.
  3. Select the Date and Time from the available slots.
  4. Finally, give your details to complete the booking.
  5. Please read the Terms and Conditions before submitting.