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E-Resource Portal

IAU Library Basics: Access Options

Access Options

There are multiple access options to get to your required content.

Please go through your favorite or required method given below

Off-Campus Access

E-Resource Portal

IAU subscribed e-resources can be accessed from anywhere in the world using our secure proxy server (powered by EZProxy OCLC)

All of IAU faculty, staff and registered active students can use this service.

Following are steps to access our resources while you are off campus:

  1.     Open e-Resource Portal using any web browser like Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox etc.
  2.     Faculty and staff will use their email ID as login username;
    • User ID is first part of your IAU provided email address e.g. asif is user ID for
    • Do not use your complete email address.
  3.     Students will use their peoplesoft ID or IAU ID as login username.
  4.     Faculty and staff will use their email password, while students will use their peoplesoft password to login.

Once logged in you can use all of the categorized resources available at the portal while at off campus.


Remote Access Request

Some publishers / content providers give remote access services when you Sign-up at their website.

Using this method any one can directly visit the publisher / content provider website and login with his personal account registered at that website and access the subscribed resource/content remotely.

Following are some common steps to get such off-campus access service.

  1. Visit the publisher / content provider website from within the campus or via its off-campus link at e-resource portal (this step is a must in most of the cases to verify your affiliation with the IAU)
  2. click sign-up or register button.
  3. complete the registration with your IAU provided email address e.g.
  4. you may receive an email from publisher to activate and complete your registration in your registered email box.
  5. check spam /junk folder in your email if you cannot find the activation email in the inbox.
  6. Sign in / login to the publisher /content provider website to access their content from anywhere.
  7. In some cases, you may need to activate/apply remote access after sign in / login to your profile / account.

Note: this service is not available with all publishers.

Some major publishers / databases providing such remote access service are as follows.

  • UptoDate off-campus access via web and mobile app
  • RSC Royal Society of Chemistry Help
  • SpringerLink Help
  • Web of Science Help
  • Wiley Help


On Campus Direct Access

Most of the IAU subscribed content i.e. -journals, e-books, databases etc. is available at IAU campuses with IP authentication.

IP Authentication: once you are connected to IAU network your internet access validates your access to the subscribed content.

User can directly visit any subscribed publisher or content provider website and access the subscribed content.

This method does not require you to login to the e-resource portal or your personal account (in most of the cases)

Access via Login details provided by the library

In some cases, the access is provided by username and passwords. there are following scenarios;

  • The access is provided only to the specific group of people based on the scope of the content or the license agreement.
  • or publisher need users to login with the given username and password to access the content.
    • in such cases library embed the login details so that user may not need to input login details manually.
    • or library shares login details on a secure page (a page that only IAU faculty and students can access)
    • or create logins (register them) on request and provide username and password. (In such cases users need to contact to get access credentials)