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Information, Learning & Research Commons (ILRC): Overview


The Information, Learning & Research Commons (ILRC) facilitates the university community with their information, learning and research needs in an innovative way. This department is equipped with the latest technological devices and run by highly qualified personnel to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. To offer faculty, students and researchers customized and integrated access to electronic information resources, multimedia, and print resources.
  2. To provide the resources and space for learning in a collaborative and innovative way.
  3. To offer the facilities and training necessary to meet the demands of research and publishing.

Training Request Form

Please click on one of the following links to open the "Training Request Form":

Head / Information, Learning, and Research Commons (ILRC)

Profile Photo
Dr. Mirza Muhammad Naseer
Head / Information, Learning, and Research Commons (ILRC)
Directorate of Library Affairs
Room No. 312, Building A3
Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University
Eastern Campus, Dammam
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Office: 013 33 32819


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Note: If you were unable to find any training related information, please send an email to Head ILRC with the details of what you were looking for. 

Training Modules

We offer the following training modules/workshops to the faculty and students of IAU. We have state of the art training arrangements at the new central library (seminar rooms, Internet labs, expert trainers, etc.). You are invited to make a group of 10 to 25 persons and contact us for scheduling a workshop for you.

Effective Searching of Electronic Information Resources    |  Training Video
[searching in Summon Discovery Service, A-Z e-resource search and browse, which database should i use? planning your search]
Duration: 1 hour

Summon web discovery tool: Searching all library resources via single search interface    |  Training Video
[Overview of Summon, simple and advanced searching techniques, full text access, save results, export citations, RSS feed, sharing of articles] Duration: 1 hour

Advance eBook Searching    |   Training Video
[Ebrary, EBSCOHost , MyiLibrary, Safari Books Online, ProQuestl, SpringerLink e-Books, Taylor & Francis e-Books, SAGE Knowledge, ScienceDirect e-Books] duration: 1 hour

Subject-Based Information Searching
[Identification of information sources in specific subject area, advanced searching in specific databases] Duration: 1 hour

Using personalized services in online databases
[Creating personal accounts in online databases, subscribing and using TOCS, RSS feeds and email alerts] Duration: 1 hour

Evaluating online information
[Evaluating online information sources for accuracy, authority, objectivity, purpose, currency, and appropriateness] Duration: 1 hour

Ethical use of information sources
[Copyright, fair use, plagiarism, software to avoid plagiarism (Turnitin, etc.)] Duration: 1 hour

Web of Science
[Overview of web of science, how important web of science is for researchers, advance searching in web of science, create search and citation alerts, export references to endnote, exploring journal citation reports (JCR) on the incites platform and other features of web of science] Duration: 1 hour

[creating search strategy, important features of PubMed, searching PubMed, examining the results, MESH database, my NCBI and clinical queries] Duration: 1 hour

Advanced internet searching using Google
[Query modifiers, file types, wild card, word in phrase, proximity search, punctuation, boolean operators, capitalization, stop words, spell checker, Google Scholar] Duration: 1 hour

Using mobile devices for searching information
[Library services available on mobile devices, Browzine, QxMD and Bookmyne, guidelines for mobile applications installation]
Duration: 1 hour

Managing Literature and References with Endnote Online
[Browsing and searching through Endnote online, using Endnote as literature database, using Endnote for citation and referencing while writing and managing your research library] Duration: 1 hour

Building researcher’s connections for research visibility and advancement
[Google scholar profile, Research gate, Academia, LinkedIn, ORCID, Researcher ID] Duration: 1 hour

Citing information sources in your research
[Major citation manuals, general guidelines, heading levels, citing in text, tables, figure, preparing a reference list, capitalization in references list,] Duration: 1 hour

Critical Reading (Arabic)
[What is critical reading, passive vs. active Reading? Techniques of Critical Reading] Duration: 1 hour

How to search specific types of health studies
[Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis, Clinical Trials, Patient Education, drug Monographs and Guidelines] Duration: 1 hour

Training Modules for Graduate Students

We offer the following training modules/workshops to the graduate students of IAU. You are invited to make a group of 10 to 25 persons and contact us for scheduling a workshop for you.

Writing an Effective Research proposal
[Components of a research proposal, language and style of a proposal, process of approval, proposal for funding] Duration: 1 hour

Writing a research article
[Types of research articles, Structure of a research article, writing various components of an article] Duration: 1 hour

Publishing your research
[Why publish, finding and selecting avenues for publishing, process of submission of a draft, review process, publishing process, promoting your publications] Duration: 1 hour